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Our Vision

We Believe 


  • Each and every student should have a positive educational experience at CASE Tutoring Centre and be provided with opportunities to improve their skills and build self-confidence;

  • A customised educational programs should be designed to build the foundations of each students future success by helping them to become independent learners;

  • We can provide the support and assistance to all our students to achieve their personal education goals;

  • We can deliver programs for each student to promote the learning skills necessary to grow life-long success;

  • We can offer support as we understand the importance of building confidence  and meeting the needs of each student.

Our Values

We value…


  • EXCELLENT SERVICES: Our tutoring is derived on the needs of our parents and students, always striving to meet their expectations.

  • EXCELLENCE: Our goal is to provide exceptional tutoring at all time

  • INNOVATION: We seek creative ideas and infuse new ways of thinking to grow and improve our way of teaching.  

  • INTEGRITY: We believe in complete transparency  in our interactions with each other, our parents, students and other professionals.  

  • RESPECT: We value all our students and families and ensure they are treated  with dignity at all times.

  • COMMUNICATION: We develop ongoing communication with families and relevant organisations in order to build lasting relationships in a desire to consistently gain knowledge and improve our services.   

  • SELF DEVELOPMENT: We believe in the importance of self-development for each employee / teacher / tutor.  Each staff member accepts responsibility for his or her personal growth.

  • MEANINGFUL WORK: We work hard to help our students and are rewarded based on results and maintain perspective, humour and

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